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How to start playing the piano

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How to start playing the piano

Starting to play the piano can be a daunting prospect. There are so many keys, of different colors and pedals underneath. What are they all for? It is best to get a piano teacher to get professional guidance on playing the piano – you can find a teacher on our website here. If you are eager to get started fast her are some quick tips:

Helpful resources

  • Buy a piano music book for beginners and study the different notes and keys.
  • Stick little letters to your keys to help remind you of the correct notes. Make sure they are removable.
  • Visit YouTube to find free beginners videos to help you get started.

Before you start:

  • Wash your hands. Everyday grease on your fingers could make your fingers slip on the keys causing minor mistakes.
  • Sit on your piano stool, sit up straight and relax your shoulders.
  • Understand that your first finger is your thumb. You start with your thumb on middle C.

What to practice first?

  • The order of your fingers. Understanding which finger should be used for which notes will really help you develop as a pianist.
  • Scales will help you with your finger work and with understanding the different sounds and notes a piano has to offer. Scales are vital to becoming a well-rounded, excellent pianist and they are easy to practice alone.
  • Once you have become familiar with the notes and their sounds, improvise and play around with invented melodies or try to play your favorite songs.

Finding a teacher
Finding a teacher is best when you first begin learning to play the piano. The guidance, direction and knowledge a great piano teacher can give you is invaluable and cannot be found in a book or a video. When looking for a teacher, consider the following things:

  • Training and experience: price can vary with teachers with more formal training.
  • Location: Price can vary based on location.
  • Number of student? For group classes you can get lower rates but less one on one time.

About the Author:

Mark is a piano teacher in Dallas TX, specifically in Addison and provides private or group piano lessons at your location or in the studio. He plays for weddings, private parties, has a jazz band. He also provides piano tuning, moving services, and piano refinishing.

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