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How to pick out the best piano for you

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How to pick out the best piano for you

Choosing a piano can be like finding a mate for life. It is something you are going to be involved with on a daily basis. You will find great enjoyment from it but also get frustrated with it at times. Some days, everything will feel so natural, other days not so much. You will go through a great deal together and finding the right match is vital before you embark on this journey. Here is some help for finding the perfect piano for you:

Size is important
As much as a grand piano is just that, grand, it is not going to look so if crammed into a small room. Buy a piano that fits the space you have available for it. It is also recommended that you get either a minimum of a 45-inch Upright piano or a 5 foot 4 inch Grand piano. A piano any smaller than this will have strings that are too short making it less tunable. The sound from a larger piano is more wholesome and clean.

Tiptop condition
You wouldn’t buy a car without checking the engine and the same can be said for a piano. Whether you are buying new or second-hand, it is advisable to have a piano technician evaluate the instrument you wish to buy. Based on their assessment, you may be in a position to buy, negotiate or move on due to a serious flaw in the internal workings of the piano. You do not want to make a costly mistake.

Retailer of technician?
Buying a piano from a retailer can be like buying a used car and you may walk away feeling like you have not got a good deal. Buying from a technician is usually a safer bet and they are likely to have cleaned, serviced and tuned the instrument with a professional touch. If you choose to buy new, consider Bechstein, Seiler or Yamaha as they all come from quality companies.

Before you start looking for the piano for you, take a look at our list of available pianos in this area.


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