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Why tune your piano regularly?

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Why tune your piano regularly?

The obvious reason is to have your beautiful piano sound melodious and gorgeous!

Keeping your piano tuned is also a vital part of keeping your piano in good condition, whether for your own purposes or with a view to sell in the future. It is not a fast or convenient process, but necessary. Here is why:


By tuning your piano you are preventing it from serious damage. All the parts of a piano work together and if one element performs sub-par to the others, the whole instrument is affected. Having constant, correct string tension will ensure the health of many delicate parts of the piano, helping them to work together efficiently and avoid damage to neighboring pieces.


By having a qualified professional look at your piano regularly they will be able to spot undetectable problems that you, as a player, cannot hear/see. This will ensure smaller problems do not develop into bigger, more expensive damage to your instrument. Look for a piano tuner who is also a technician to give your piano the best chance of a long life.


By tuning your piano more regularly, in turn, your strings build up more endurance and the pitch will begin to stray less easily. Ideally you should have your piano tuned four times a year.


There are two common procedures that a piano may require if it is left for two or more years without tuning. Pitch-raising and double-tuning. Both corrective treatments are costly and are needed to fix severely bad tuning.

  • Pitch-raising – This treatment prepares the strings to be tuned.
  • Double-tuning – This process starts with a general tuning followed by a fine-tuning.

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Mark is a piano teacher in Dallas TX, specifically in Addison and provides private or group piano lessons at your location or in the studio. He plays for weddings, private parties, has a jazz band. He also provides piano tuning, moving services, and piano refinishing.

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