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Top 5 reasons to play the piano

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Top 5 reasons to play the piano

The piano is a wonderful instrument to play: grand, calming and delightful to listen to in all genres of music. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should learn to play the piano:

1)     First and foremost, when you learn to play an instrument you develop a different type of relationship and appreciation for music that positively affects your evaluation of music for the rest of your life. It broadens your mind and educates.

2)     Playing the piano keeps your brain active and your memory rapid. By recalling such quantities of information, literally at your fingertips, you train your mind to respond faster to other demands and this in-turn increases your brain health.

3)     Playing the piano can be incredibly relaxing and reduces stress. The simple keyboard makes you feel ordered in this busy lifestyle we live in today and it is easy to immerse yourself entirely in a song. It helps you to switch off from the world.

4)     There is a real sense of satisfaction that comes from playing a piece of music perfectly. It gives pianists a huge boost in their self-esteem and self-worth. It gives you a feeling of great achievement on a day-to-day basis.

5)     The perks of being a pianist are endless. Others will think you as being a genius, entertaining and sophisticated. You will be able to refer to yourself as a ‘musician’ and over time your hands will be the best looking hands around.

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Mark is a piano teacher in Dallas TX, specifically in Addison and provides private or group piano lessons at your location or in the studio. He plays for weddings, private parties, has a jazz band. He also provides piano tuning, moving services, and piano refinishing.