“I had always wanted to learn to play the piano, but never slowed down long enough to follow through. Then we lost our daughter, I was devastated and my world came to a screeching halt. I need something to get me going again, so that year my wife and son gave me a grand piano for father’s day. Shortly thereafter I met Mark and begin to take professional lessons, it was just what I needed. Being an executive in a very demanding industry, I find that piano for me, is a relaxing escape from stressful situations.”

James E Iley Jr

“Mark is great teacher I am a Senior and Mark has taught me old favorites and his patience has allowed each individaul to learn at their own pace.”  – Roger B.   Sales Rep.

“I highly recommend Mark to anyone from beginner to experienced piano player.  His experience and patience has helped me tremendously in learning and becoming a better piano player.” –  Jose “Joe” Luiz Monje – Mansfield, TX

“I am so excited I was able to take piano lessons from Mark Ripley – he has so much experience and comprehensive knowledge of music theory he was able to get me reading music and playing fun piano songs much faster than I thought was possible” – Jim – Piano lesson client in Addison TX

Mark Ripley is a gifted teacher. His explanations of complexity manifest simplicity. With his artistry he demonstrates and in doing so inspires and motivates. ” – Manning Kendall – Dallas Texas

“The best teachers are those who understand and develop the unique needs of each student. As an adult with some experience playing, Mark quickly identified my skill level and playing style, then designed a program based on my specific interests. After ensuring my basic skills were sound, he helped me develop new jazz styles and techniques, exactly what I was looking for.

An accomplished musician, Mark would be an excellent teacher if you want to take your piano playing skills up a little, or a lot.” – Ron Misko